ICA is Dynamic. Meet Don Donnelly, Project Executive for Hailey Insulation & President of ICA

Meet Don Donnelly, Project Executive for Hailey Insulation and President of ICA 

When it comes to building high-rises, firestopping is extremely important, especially after 9/11.

But when the firestopping industry began to grow due to scrutiny of old practices, Hailey Insulation was already an accredited firestopper specialty contractor thanks to Donald Donnelly’s insight. 

“My growth developing our company was due to the fact that I did all the roles that I oversee now,” Don says. “It was absolutely imperative to go through that process.”

Don and his staff were trained by Hilti, one of the largest manufacturers of firestop products, to earn the accreditation. 

Today, Don says that Hailey is probably the largest firestop contractor in New York.

While the company has worked on many projects, Don believes that working on the One World Trade Center was the most incredible.

“It was extremely emotional to stand on those upper floors and look down,” Don says. 

For Don, one of the greatest benefits of joining the ICA is the knowledge he’s learned from his competitors.

“We’re all doing the same thing to a certain extent, but we all do it differently,” he says. “When you’re with the most elite, bright people you can feed off of what they do well.”

Don also gets to share his knowledge with other companies. 

“There’s a great line: ‘rising tides raise all ships.’ I think we all make ourselves better contractors by learning and sharing information.”

Watch Don’s full interview to learn more about Hailey and the ICA. 

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